"Prophecy" Poetry of the Soul, (Series)

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Welcome to Poetry of the Soul Series and the 4th edition, titled "Prophecy." This book is another venture into the psyche and the visions of the Author... It represents another evolutionary journey of the writer's views and perceptions through a prism of time. Furthermore, it gives a look into the future from the perceptive of the author. Prophesy from a literary sense represents premonitions, feelings (emotions), as well as, forecasting a sense of something to come. "Prophecy" has those elements, but also takes a look at ourselves through a self-reflecting mirror. Prophecy is a macro view of social values, cultures, classism's, and labels. The audience will get a chance to discover within them the values of family, spirituality, time, and advocacy. It is a chance to interact with the author's dialogue and to see what he appreciate's in the spectrum of life.