50 Short Science Fiction Tales

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This anthology contains: Men Are Different by Alan Bloch; The Ambassadors by Anthony Boucher; The Weapon by Fredric Brown; Random Sample by T. P. Caravan; Oscar by Cleve Cartmill; The Mist by Peter Cartur; Teething Ring by James Causey; The Haunted Space Suit by Arthur C. Clarke; Stair Trick by Mildred Clingerman; Unwelcome Tenant by Roger Dee; The Mathematicians by Arthur Feldman; The Third Level by Jack Finney; Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful by Stuart Friedman; The Figure by Edward Grendon; The Rag Thing by David Grinnell; The Good Provider by Marion Gross; Columbus Was a Dope by Robert A. Heinlein; Texas Week by Albert Hernhuter; Hilda by H. B. Hickey; The Choice by W. Hilton-Young; Not with a Bang by Damon Knight; The Altar at Midnight by C. M. Kornbluth; A Bad Day for Sales by Fritz Leiber; Who's Cribbing by Jack Lewis; Spectator Sport by John D. MacDonald; The Cricket Ball by Avro Manthattan; Double-Take by Winston K. Marks; Prolog by John P. McKnight; The Available Data on the Worp Reaction by Lion Miller; Narapoia by Alan Nelson; Tiger by the Tail by Elan E. Nouse; Counter Charm by Peter Phillips; The Fly by Arthur Porges; The Business As Usual by Mack Reynolds; Two Weeks in August by Frank M. Robinson; See by Edward G. Robles Jr.; Appointment at Noon by Eric Frank Russell; We Don't Want Any Trouble by James H. Schmitz; Built Down Logically by Howard Schoenfeld; An Egg a Month from All Over by Idris Seabright; The Perfect Woman by Robert Sheckley; The Hunters by Walt Sheldon; The Martian and the Magician by Evelyn E. Smith; Barney by Will Stanton; Talent by Theodore Sturgeon; Project Hush by William Tenn; The Great Judge by A. E. van Vogt; Emergency Landing by Ralph Williams; and Obviously Suicide by S. Fowler Wright.