Accidental King of Achoo

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In a faraway land, Jeremiah Abadon assesses his charisma, charm, and wealth as he travels with his forty-two wives, countless children, an Indian princess, African slaves, horses, and several furry mutts in order to find a new place to live. After they finally discover the hidden valley of Achoo and settle in the mountains above, fifteen generations of Abadons grow wealthier while the villagers below toil away.

When the people of Achoo suddenly lose their king, they decide to hold a contest to choose a new ruler. After numerous villagers compete and are eliminated one-by-one, the contest finally comes down to a rich yet unqualified candidate obsessed with winning and making Achoo great again, and a wiry and active woman who cares deeply about everyone in the village. As homing pigeons deliver bird-mail across the valley, the villagers must now discern who is best for the job as one of the candidates does whatever it takes--including stealing--to become the king.

In this tale that shares a humorous take on recent events, a wealthy man obsessed with winning the role of king of a hidden valley is driven by his ego as he attempts to take down his female competitor.