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De Gruyter Studies in Tourism
edited by Dr. Jillian Rickly, University of Nottingham

The De Gruyter Studies in Tourism series offers readers a fresh perspective on tourism. Titles in this series are interdisciplinary with attention paid to the ways multiple disciplinary perspectives can be brought to bear and synthesized in the analytical approaches to tourism. They have strong theoretical underpinnings supported by leading scholars in their respective fields. With authors and case studies from around the world, the series engages a global perspective on the changing nature of tourism. This series seeks authors with innovative approaches to the subject and an interest in challenging the conventions of the field and its definitional boundaries in order to explore the ways tourism interfaces with aspects of everyday life, other industries, and the potential of new conceptual paradigms. It welcomes both monographs and edited collections that share these aims.

We are looking for interesting and innovative proposals for projects; these might include:

Individual monographs which allow research ideas to be developed at greater length than might be possible in journal articles.

Edited volumes, which draw together multiple contributors from different organizations and institutions around a particular theme. Such collections might focus on specific challenges or trends and offer a number of perspectives on that theme - for example, the rise of social movements, such as 'overtourism', the effects of humanitarian inspired tourism, the future of social tourism, or the biopolitics of accessible tourism.

Contributions which offer novel approaches to tourism, for example reconsidering foundational concepts in the field, such as mass tourism, development, or sustainability, from interdisciplinary or post-disciplinary perspectives.

Series Editor:
If you are interested in submitting a proposal or have any questions, please contact the Series Editor:
Dr Jillian Rickly,
University of Nottingham, Nottingham University Business School, UK