Amateur Hour

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In order to understand how Donald Trump's character was thought to be a good fit for the presidency by many Americans, this book reaches back into history to examine the individual characters of the contemporary presidents. Institutional reforms, political events, and cultural changes have altered societal expectations about the appropriate character of a president and what constitutes presidential leadership.

Applying a framework of courage, curiosity, and compassion, Lara M. Brown brings character analysis together with leadership approaches in examining the crucial third year of any presidency to gauge its success or failure. Through this comparative investigation, she demonstrates that the character of a president's leadership does not change in office. Thus, the likely success of future presidential candidates can be evaluated long before they step into the White House. 

Ultimately, Brown shows why American voters are likely to continue to elect unsuitable "amateur outsiders" unless and until systemic reforms are adopted or a cultural reassessment of character occurs. Intended for students and scholars of the presidency, this book holds great appeal for general readers who quest for understanding of the 2016 presidential election and are looking toward 2020 (and beyond) with trepidation as well as hope.