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Applied Communicable Disease Control

Autor: Cragg, Liza; Nutland, Will; Rudge, James

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AutorCragg, Liza; Nutland, Will; Rudge, James
EdituraOpen University Press
Dimensiuni170 x 239 x 18
Data Publicarii23/09/2018
Understanding Public Health is an innovative series published by Open University Press in collaboration with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, where it is used as a key learning resource for postgraduate programmes. It provides self-directed learning covering the major issues in public health affecting low-, middle- and high-income countries.

Communicable diseases are ever present in the world today. Social and economic issues like poverty, access to essential vaccinations and lack of substantive healthcare systems contribute to mortality rates alongside epidemiological factors like portals of entry and bacterial sources.

This public health textbook, in exploring the causes and conditions of communicable diseases like ebola and malaria, clearly outlines communicable disease control and prevention measures as well as how to apply these measures effectively in different contexts and populations around the world.

The result is an engaging and insightful textbook that encourages readers to apply their learning of communicable disease control to diverse applied settings through case studies and activities. It is balanced in its approach, discussing infections and their incidence alongside the means of prevention and the vital conditions for effective response in outbreak situations. Applied Communicable Disease Control is key reading for all those working in, or studying, public health and epidemiology.

Series Editors Rosalind Plowman and Nicki Thorogood.

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