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Strategic pricing is a game-changing process for business-to-business pricing in today's highly competitive global markets.

It continues to have a significant, positive impact on the profitability of companies that have embraced and employed it effectively. It is not unusual for companies to increase their bottom line by two to three points or more within the first two years after implementation. After all, what company doesn't want to add another three hundred thousand dollars to the bottom line for every ten million dollars in sales? And the real win is that these companies are also growing their businesses and improving customer satisfaction at the same time.

"#B2B Strategic Pricing tweet Book01: Game-Changing Pricing Strategies for Manufacturing and Service Companies" aims to provide business managers and marketing executives with that exact same advantage by arming them with the understanding of effective strategic pricing. This book, written by strategic-pricing specialist and ProfitSmart Solutions LLC founder "Bob Bonacorsi," was designed to deliver practical yet comprehensive insights into the why, how, and who of successful strategic pricing. It was also written to help managers and marketers effectively implement and integrate the strategic-pricing process into their own organization.

Bob consolidates more than twenty years of marketing, product development, operations management, and business process experience. Having held a variety of leadership positions himself, Bob has gained key insight into the importance of pricing, an insight that many other business leaders have missed out on. In "#B2B Strategic Pricing tweet," Bob aims to share that insight.

Readers will discover why pricing is the most important profit driver and how strategic pricing is absolutely critical in optimizing prices. It outlines the basic steps on implementing and integrating strategic pricing into their business and how exactly strategic pricing can increase their customers' satisfaction. It provides the insight to prevent the "cowboying" of prices that increase sales volume but damage profit margins.

This book was written as a concise and easy-to-read marketing book that breaks down the complex ideas behind strategic pricing and it delivers in one straightforward, no-frills, but highly-effective, package.

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