Being and Becoming

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Contemporary society, according to F.F. Centore, is dominated by a post-modern philosophical world-view. Therefore, he argues, it behooves the educated individual to know what this perspective means, where it came from, and where it is taking humankind. Lacking until now, from the many works that have been written on post-modernism, is one that scrutinizes its fundamental assumptions and presuppositions.

Being and Becoming fills this need by synthesizing the key developments in contemporary post-modernism. By taking the reader through the various historical periods and developments which have led to the current situation, Centore shows how, that which is now taken for granted by the vast majority of people, is not necessary for either philosophical or theological reasons. Moreover, he shows that post-modernism is not required as the rational foundation for personal freedom, privacy, and creativity. Centore offers an alternative solution to the basic problems that lie at the root of post-modern philosophy. The comprehensive, rational, and scientific approach that he advocates would, he argues, render post-modernism irrelevant and unnecessary. Our intellectual and social-political life would be much better without post-modern doctrine and with a more rational, emotionally satisfying philosophy of being and becoming. Centore's work is certain to prove controversial, but deserves to be given careful attention by anyone seriously interested in understanding the contemporary world.