Birthday Interview Book Balloon Softcover

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This softcover Birthday Interview Book is a unique way to capture the memories of your little one at every age. In just a few minutes each year, you will create a beautiful keepsake that documents the special little details like who their friends are, what their favorite activity is, and what they hope to do before their next birthday. A sentimental and often funny snapshot of your child's personality, that you will both love looking back on in the years to come. HOW DOES IT WORK? Ages one and two have a series of questions for parents to fill out about their child. From ages 3 to 18, you will ask the child the same questions each year and record their answers in the book. You will be able to compare how their answers change from year to year, and marvel at how some of their answers stay the same. Each age includes a 2-page spread with space for a photo, a handprint for ages one and two, and the child's signature for ages 3 to 18.