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Boat That Won the War

Autor: Roberts, Charles C., Jr.

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The Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel--LCVP for short, or simply the "Higgins boat" to most of its users--was "the boat that won the war," according to General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Like the Jeep or the C-47 transport, it served in almost every theatre of World War II, performing unglamorous but vital service in the Allied cause.This book combines the first in-depth history of the development and employment of the type, with a detailed description of its construction, machinery, performance, and handling, based on the author's first-hand experience guiding the restoration of a wartime example for his museum. Well illustrated with plans and photographs, it will be of interest to model makers and enthusiasts, both military and naval.

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AutorRoberts, Charles C., Jr.
EdituraPen & Sword Books Ltd
Dimensiuni250 x 192 x 15
Data Publicarii10/07/2017
Numar pagini128
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