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Business Leaders and Leadership in Asia

Autor: Zhu, Ying; Ren, Shuang; Collins, Ngan Thuy; Warner, Malcolm

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The quality of its business leadership is a key issue for the future development of Asia s economies. Although Asia s economies have grown spectacularly in recent decades, they are currently facing increasing challenges. This book explores the current state of business leadership in Asia. It demonstrates that there is no single model of Asian business leadership, and that Western models often do not fit easily alongside Asian cultural values. It discusses how relatively developed Asian economies Japan, Korea and Taiwan, former socialist economies China and Vietnam, and large Asian countries with long histories of civilisation India and Indonesia all have different types of business leadership challenges at present. The book concludes by assessing how business leadership in Asia is likely to develop in future."

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AutorZhu, Ying; Ren, Shuang; Collins, Ngan Thuy; Warner, Malcolm
EdituraTaylor & Francis Ltd
Dimensiuni163 x 240 x 15
Data Publicarii03/10/2017
Numar pagini134
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Recenzati:Business Leaders and Leadership in Asia
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