CASES: Clinical Assessment and Examination Simulation in Orthopaedics

Autor: Bhat, Anil

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CASES postgraduate students have a lot to remember and revise in their final stages of exam preparation and, consequently, during their crucial practical examinations are unable to precisely answer what an examiner expects for a particular case scenario. Recreating the examination hall scenario and simulating what transpires during those few hours between the student and the examiners is the main aim of this book.

The 60 long and short cases, along with a chapter on goniometry, form the content of this book. Chapters include many relevant photographs and X-rays which help in understanding the difficult concepts. Each chapter is a condensation of cardinal information required to be presented in the examination. The book will serve as a valuable resource for presenting cases during the routine ward rounds or teaching sessions to both the postgraduates and the faculty.

The book will find relevance when the readers understand what exactly the faculty or the examiner expects and learn to highlight crucial clinical findings which will clinch the case for them. This is demonstrated in various sections of the chapters which start with actual case scenarios, describe the core clinical findings, how exactly to articulate the final diagnosis with points in favour, formulate the management, and outline the principles of treatment.

A must for every student striving to clear his postgraduate examination in orthopedics with zen and confidence.