Child and the European Convention on Human Rights

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This Second Edition of `The Child and the European Court of Human Rights' has been fully revised to expand and update the reader on ECHR developments on children's issues and the substantial growth in the case law of the European Court with regard to children since publication of the First Edition in 1999. The strength of the work remains that it discusses the case law of the Court from a child's perspective, adopting an approach to ECHR law that is applicable across the entire 47 member states of the Council of Europe. The book retains its almost exclusive analysis on the ECHR law regarding children while international law and consensus, including the CRC and other developments, and its associated literature continue to be discussed where relevant. Reviews of the first edition: '...a rare combination of conscientious scholarship and critical analysis...this excellent book signposts the future direction of proactive practice and I recommend it unreservedly as an essential text for all those concerned with the rights and welfare of children.' Family Law '...highly is exceptionally well researched and is written in an accessible, incisive and open style...represents an opening of European human rights law to the debates of children's rights advocates. It is an original and ambitious book.' The International Journal of Children's Rights 'The book is a welcome, refreshingly up-to-date, publication. Drawn from an excellent bibliography...must be an important addition to the library of any person who advocates on behalf of children.' Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants '...this author certainly achieves what she has set out to do - providing an analysis of the extensive case law of the Commission and the Court of Human Rights on all issues concerning children and their rights...this book will prove valuable to anyone studying or practising in any aspect of law concerning the rights of children.' Human Rights Law Review 'Readers interest