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Chrysotype is about photographic printing in gold on paper. This 19th century printing process, modified for contemporary use, provides artists with an affordable way to produce permanent prints in gold. By using film or digital negatives, striking hand-coated prints can be created in monochromatic hues ranging from pink, violet, magenta and purple, to green, blue, grey and black.

Chrysotype offers a how-to guide for intermediate practitioners with illustrated examples and simple explanations for each stage of the chrysotype process. The book is divided into three sections: history; preparation and how-to; and the work of contemporary artists using chrysotype.

This book includes:

A concise account of the invention and modification of the chrysotype process, including early discoveries about gold and colour and the significance of moisture for printing in gold

How to set up your workspace for printing, including useful equipment and materials

Advice on safe chemical practice

A step-by-step guide to creating suitable digital and film negatives

Guidance on paper selection and how to successfully coat paper

An overview guide to creating a chrysotype print

Step-by step directions for creating the chrysotype solutions

An explanation of mixing ratios and solution volumes that control contrast

An illustrated explanation of the effect of humidity on colour, including split tone colours and ways to control humidity

Step-by-step directions on post-exposure hydration to lengthen tonal range and lower contrast

Step-by-step tray processing directions

Advanced techniques such as handling translucent papers, additional chrysotype formulas and procedures, and alternative developing agents that support longer development, colour formation and remedy problems that affect image quality

Troubleshooting chrysotype printing, including advice and photographic examples

Illustrated profiles of contemporary artists making chrysotype prints, including their methods and tips

Chrysotype serves to inform, encourage and challenge a new generation of alternate process practitioners and a growing chrysotype community, from the newly curious to the experienced professional.