Client Service

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World of Finance, a massive investment company, is teetering on the point of implosion. Controlled by the elusive, brooding Baroque, its Ponzi structure is irrevocably unravelling. But not before it can suck in the naive and amoralÔÇöand destroy them. In this mordant satire of international investment, Shelby Tucker introduces a darkly hilarious cast of characters: among them 'Bone' Saxon, an American football player with a broken leg, sent to sell Plans on the Indian subcontinent; the disillusioned Bumper Peabody, Area Manager, tortured and detained by SAVAK in an Iranian prison and the cynical Noam Van Zilver, selling the company's schemes across the African continent.

Set in the sixties, and drawing on Tucker's own experience, Client Service could not be a more relevant or entertaining lens through which to view the current financial crisis.