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Human Action Recognition is a challenging area presently. The vigor of research effort directed towards this domain is self indicative of this. With the ever-increasing involvement of Computational Intelligence in our day to day applications, the necessity of human activity recognition has been able to make its presence felt to the concerned research community. The primary drive of such an effort is to equip the computing system capable of recognizing and interpreting human activities from posture, pose, gesture, facial expression etc. The intent of human activity recognition is a formidable component of cognitive science in which researchers are actively engaged of late.

Features: A systematic overview of the state-of-the-art in computational intelligence techniques for human action recognition; Emphasized on different intelligent techniques to recognize different human actions; Discussed about the automation techniques to handle human action recognition; Recent research results and some pointers to future advancements in this arena.

In the present endeavour the editors intend to come out with a compilation that reflects the concerns of relevant research community. The readers would be able to come across some of the latest findings of active researchers of the concerned field.

It is anticipated that this treatise shall be useful to the readership encompassing students at undergraduate and postgraduate level, researchers active as well as aspiring, not to speak of the senior researchers.