Club 42

Autor: Angel, Joanna

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Angel is a powerhouse and has an enormous following in the adult entertainment/erotica industry. She has 1.4 million followers on Instagram alone, and 511K followers on Twitter. Night Shift, Angel's first choose-your-own erotic fantasy book with Cleis Press received much praise for being sex positive, gender inclusive, open minded, and diverse. Readers love interactive books because they control the characters' fates, and if they don't like how it turns out, they can read the book all over again with new choices and a new ending. This type of book is great for occupying time, especially during quarantine when book sales are spiking.

After spending a year in Singapore working on her senior thesis and practically flunking out of film school, Naomi finds herself working at an average coffee shop in Hell's Kitchen, NYC. She loves coffee, but does not love serving it and is fired one fated afternoon after spilling a cup of coffee all over a customer and her white pantsuit. With her rent due in a few days, Naomi is desperate to find a new job. On her walk back to the subway, she trips and falls, landing right in front of what would soon be her new place of employment. Enter Club 42, a strip club located in Times Square. Naomi goes inside on a whim and finds herself agreeing to audition, stripping out of her polka dot summer dress and kitten heels and earning a spot on the day shift.

The goal: To navigate Naomi through her day shifts at Club 42.

But it's up to you, readers, to decide if she should give an old crush a lap dance, give her ex the "extras" in the VIP room, get dominated in a dungeon, tell her not-quite-boyfriend about her career path, indulge in her attraction to her beautiful coworkers, or leave her life of dancing as quickly as she starts it! No matter which path you choose, you'll get an insider's glimpse into the erotic, neon world of New York strip clubs. So grab your body spray, turn up the early 2000s dance hits, and journey with Naomi as she learns how best to undress!