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Complaining to the Authorities in Russia

Autor: Bogdanova, Elena

Disponibilitate: IN CURS DE PUBLICARE (se va livra din Marea Britanie in 1-4 saptamani de la data publicarii: 01/01/2020)


693,99 RON
Utilizing extensive original research, in-depth interviews, archival materials, original texts, and examples of methods of complaint in soviet and contemporary Russia this book demonstrates the transformation of the bureaucracy of complaint from the late soviet period to today. It highlights the problem of the complaints mechanism coexisting with legitimate and successfully functioning legal institutions and its influence on legal modernization and the force of law and demonstrates more general contradictions generated by the model of justice restoration through direct appeals to the authorities.

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AutorBogdanova, Elena
EdituraTaylor & Francis Ltd
Dimensiuni234 x 156
Data Publicarii01/01/2020
Numar pagini256
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Recenzati:Complaining to the Authorities in Russia
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