Conspiracy Narratives from South of the Border

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This book examines four conspiracy narratives from Mexico that push the boundaries of conspiracy research in a new direction. They include narratives about Lee Harvey Oswald's visit to Mexico City, shortly before he apparently assassinated JFK, and street gangs across borders and how some of our worst fears are projected into them.

Mexico is a fertile terrain for conspiracy theories, due to its own characteristics as a complex social environment and its vicinity to the United States, which not only made it a strategic platform during the cold war but also today's land of bad hombres Donald Trump has intended to fend off with a wall. Conspiracy theories are always narrative in nature, telling us about the state of the world and the actors behind such states of affairs. This narrativity tends to be so enthralling that they have increasingly become the substance of entertainment and even politics. This volume analyses Mexican conspiracy narratives, explaining how they produce meaning in a variety of different social and political contexts.

This book will be of interest to researchers of conspiracy theories, crime and its representations, Mexican politics and society, and US-Latin American relations.