Contesting Global Environmental Knowledge, Norms and Governance

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With 'sustainability' replacing 'environmental protection' as the broad principle guiding multilateral environmental governance, the knowledge required for effective policy-making and implementation are changing. The effective pursuit of sustainability requires governments and other actors to incorporate two sets of knowledge which are not prominent in international environmental agreements: social science knowledge of human responses to environmental stresses and ordinary citizens' 'lay knowledge' concerning physical processes, risk, and the social consequences of policies designed to promote sustainability.

Multilateral institutions have effectively incorporated expert knowledge of the physical sciences into policy formulation and implementation, but have not yet included either social science expertise or 'lay knowledge'. Consensus levels in the social sciences are lower than in the physical sciences, making it more difficult for an epistemic community of social scientists to form and acquire significant influence over policy processes. This book advances our understanding of the debates, draws lessons from previous attempts to bring other forms of knowledge to bear in sustainability arguments and explores the controversies their inclusion inspires.