Cryptology For Engineers: An Application-oriented Mathematical Introduction

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Cryptology is increasingly becoming one of the most essential topics of interest in everyday life. Digital communication happens by transferring data between at least two participants -- But do we want to disclose private information while executing a sensitive bank transfer? How about allowing third-party entities to eavesdrop on private calls while performing an important secret business discussion? Do we want to allow ambient communication concerning us to be manipulated while control software is driving our autonomous car along a steep slope? Questions like these make it clear why issues of security are a great concern in our increasingly augmented world.Cryptology for Engineers is a study of digital security in communications systems. The book covers the cryptographical functionalities of ciphering, hash generation, digital signature generation, key management and random number generation, with a clear sense of the mathematical background on the one hand and engineers' requirements on the other. Numerous examples computable by hand or with a small additional cost in most cases are provided inside.