Autor: Imber, Jack

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Descriere RO

Years of relentless armed conflicts have left a once prosperous country fragmented and heavily contaminated with all types of unexploded ordnance (UXO). Even as rich farmlands are being resettled deminers are risking their lives to remove landmines, cluster bombs and many other hazardous munitions. A large mineral company has hired an army of mercenaries to try to drive the villagers from a vast parcel of desirable land. When snipers and armored tanks appear to be less effective than first planned the people in charge of the assault order in an airstrike. In one village in particular there are several people who appear to have the needed strengths and resolve to stay on their chosen homeland. Here there is an ancient deminer, a wise old Vietnamese women, an Israeli field medic, a hardened mercenary and many more all of whom are being watched over by one guardian angel. When a wave of falling bombs begin to approach everyone is wondering if their preparations are sufficient. Even if they can live through this next attack would starting over again even be possible?