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Developing Child, The: Pearson New International Edition

Autor: Bee, Helen L.; Boyd, Denise G.

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How to Teach Reading to Elementary and Middle School Students: Practical Ideas from Highly Effective Teachers is a strategy-based text that successfully combines ideas from the classrooms of highly effective teachers with the latest findings from reading research. The integration of skilled practice with reading theory provides practical, useful techniques for teaching reading to students across a wide range of achievement levels. The text strongly emphasizes information for developing early reading and spelling abilities, including techniques for nurturing phonemic awareness and emergent writing. Conveying the best practices for teaching reading throughout the elementary and middle school years, instructional ideas presented in this book are designed to ensure continued growth in reading skill - in word identification, including use of phonics and structural analysis; in sight vocabulary and meaning vocabulary development; in reading fluency; and in comprehension of narrative and informational based text. Suggestions for assessment of reading progress are integrated throughout the book and a full chapter comprehensively treats a wide variety of useful assessment techniques. How to Teach Reading to Elementary and Middle School Students focuses on developing highly successful readers at various achievement levels in real-life classrooms. The author's acclaimed research findings on highly effective and influential teachers help this text to stand out among similar books on the market. These findings form the basis for instructional strategies developed throughout the book.

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AutorBee, Helen L.; Boyd, Denise G.
EdituraPearson Education Limited
Dimensiuni217 x 279 x 31
Data Publicarii23/07/2013
Editie13 ed
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini608
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