Digital Compositing for Film and Video

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Written by senior compositor, technical director and master trainer Steve Wright, this book condenses years of production experience into an easy-to-read and highly-informative guide suitable for both working and aspiring visual effects artists.

This expanded and updated edition of Digital Compositing for Film and Video addresses the problems and difficult choices that professional compositors face on a daily basis with an elegant blend of theory, practical production techniques and workflows. It is written to be software-agnostic, so it is applicable to any brand of software. This edition features many step-by-step workflows, powerful new keying techniques and updates on the latest tech in the visual effects industry.

Workflow examples for:

Grain Management

Lens Distortion Management

Merging CGI Render Passes

Blending Multiple Keys

Photorealistic Color Correction


Production Techniques for:

Keying Difficult Greenscreens

Replicating Optical Lens Effects

Advanced Spill Suppression

Fixing Discoloured Edges

Adding Interactive Lighting

Managing Motion Blur

With brand new information on:

Working in linear

ACES Color Management

Light Field Cinematography

Planar Tracking

Creating Color Difference Keys

Premultiply vs. Unpremultiply

Deep Compositing

VR Stitching

3D Compositing from 2D Images

How Color Correction ops Effect Images

Color Spaces

Retiming Clips

Working with Digital Cinema Images


A companion website offers images from the examples discussed in the book allowing readers to experiment with the material first-hand.