Digital Health Approach for Predictive, Preventive, Personalised and Participatory Medicine

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The edition will cover proceedings of the first International conference on digital health (ICDH 2018). The conference will address the topic of P4 medicine from the information technology point of view, and will be focused on three main axes:

1. Artificial intelligence for health

- Machine learning, deep learning

- Knowledge extraction

- Decision-aid systems

- Data analysis and risk prediction

2. Biomedical signal and image processing

- Signal and image enhancement

- Signal and image classification

- Large-scale data processing

A. Mobile health

- Wearable & connected devices

- Computing/storage infrastructures for e-Health

- Communication infrastructures, architectures, standards and protocols for e-Health

- Blockchain for e-Health

- Body area networking and cloud-integrated networking

- IoT devices & architectures for Smart Healthcare

The main contributions are expected to come from engineers and information technology researchers. The main goal of the conference is to gather an active international community around digital health.