Dog Named Beautiful

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Descriere RO

The heartwarming true story of the three-legged Labrador who helped her human to love life again.

Rob Kugler adopted his chocolate Lab Bella as a puppy - a bundle of fun and love, who could keep his girlfriend company while he headed off to fulfil his duties as a Marine. When his life fell apart, it was Bella who was there to help heal wounds. Sharing that special love that only exists between a dog and its human, Bella made Rob's life worth living again. So when Rob was told that Bella had cancer - first in her leg, which had to be amputated, and then in her lungs - he was devastated.

With only months of Bella's life left, he knew just what he had to do for his furry best friend. Determined to show her the same kind of unconditional love which she had always shown him, Rob decided to give Bella the farewell adventure of her doggie dreams. Travelling from coast to coast, criss-crossing the States, making new friends from every corner of the globe on their inspirational journey, along the way Bella taught Rob never to give up and always to live each day as though it's your last.

This is the true story of an an unbreakable bond, an incredible journey, and a heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting long goodbye.