Dragon Slayers

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Heed mighty Dragon Slayers...for only the strong survive. Who will win the day when Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Minotaurs, Lizard Folk, Wing Folk, Humans, Orcs and all manner of Mystical creatures face-off for limited spots on the coveted Power Index? Qualifying champions will be sponsored to trek the journey aboard the Great Viking Ships for the raid on Monster Isle. Will Wyatt the Wanderer qualify at the Tournament of Champions? He must clash against some of the greatest heroes of all Landoria such as the Barbarian Brothers-Ragnar the Berserker and Dolf the Beastmaster, Takeo' Sakaraba the Shogun Samurai, the Tribesmen of the Badlands-Hiawatha the Halfsquatch Warrior and Pawathan the Young Brave, The Mysterious Ninja, and even Gorge the Orcish Cavalier. With a little luck, and the help of his friends, Wyatt alongside Abigail the Witch, Gattle the Gnome Alchemist, the Mighty Ulg the Ogre Warrior, The Lord Knight Sir Vincent, and Melaf the Half-sprite Jester...he just may have an opportunity to venture on the greatest quest of all time. While some heroes chase fame and fortune, others wish to obtain the vaunted Dragon's Orb which gives right for rulership over all of Landoria. Every hero, whether serving their kingdoms or their own agenda, will battle over the high stakes at Wringly Coliseum; where only the ultimate will gain rite to call themselves Dragon Slayers! Will Baban the Grand Wizard win the Sorcerer's Spar? Will the Head Hunters gain the top overall spot on the Power Rankings or will it be the dreaded Drow? Though the greatest champions of all Landoria will depart for Monster Island, does that guarantee any of them survival when they must prevail over the perils of the DeathTrap Dungeon or when facing against The Vile Dragoth- the Black Wyrm, the Dragon who guards the mysterious isle?