Embedded Flash Memory for Embedded Systems: Technology, Design for Sub-systems, and Innovations

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Since its inception in the early 1990's, embedded flash memory (eFlash) for MCU (Micro Controller Unit) applications has realized a revolutionary advancement by a newly introduced programmable instruction function, which has triggered the "Flash Innovation" in the current MCU market. Now it has proliferated enough to be an indispensable element in all the segments in the MCU market for real-time embedded control applications and has reached development at 16nm technology node today.

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to embedded flash memory, describing the history, current status, and future projections for technology, circuits, and systems applications. The authors describe current main-stream embedded flash technologies from floating-gate 1Tr, floating-gate with split-gate (1.5Tr), and 1Tr/1.5Tr SONOS flash technologies and their successful creation of various applications. Comparisons of these embedded flash technologies and future projections are also provided. The authors demonstrate a variety of embedded applications for auto-motive, smart-IC cards, and low-power, representing the leading-edge technology developments for eFlash. The discussion also includes insights into future prospects of application-driven non-volatile memory technology in the era of smart advanced automotive system, such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and IoE (Internet of Everything). Trials on technology convergence and future prospects of embedded non-volatile memory in the new memory hierarchy are also described.