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Autor: McLaughlin, Greg (Innovation Processes and Solutions, LLC, California, USA); Caraballo, Vinny (Global Targeting, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, USA)

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Without sustained innovation, most organizations will simply fade away. Explaining how to achieve sustained innovation success in today's increasingly competitive global environment, ENOVALE: How to Unlock Sustained Innovation Project Success provides a validated strategy for implementing innovation projects following the ENOVALE(TM) methodology: envision the need, nominate, objectify, validate, align and adapt, link, and execute.

The authors' first book, Chance or Choice: Unlocking Innovation Success, introduced a proven management process, using the ENOVALE methodology, for identifying innovation opportunities through validated outcomes. This book takes the outcome and provides a method--from project initiation to completion. Goes beyond the typical innovation book to outline specific solutions and strategies Includes templates, flow charts, tools, and strategies for each "means" of innovation Provides business examples of the philosophy, strategic elements, and success criteria that readers can easily relate to
The text begins by explaining what strategy means in terms of innovation and how it can be transformative for products, processes, and services. After an overview of innovation, the book discusses a series of strategies for each of the three means of innovation. These strategies outline a systematic process you can use to initiate and conduct your own innovation projects.

The book includes numerous business examples that illustrate the authors' philosophy, strategic elements, and success criteria. After reading this book you will gain a solid understanding of five time-proven implementation strategies that can be applied to any type of innovation project.

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AutorMcLaughlin, Greg (Innovation Processes and Solutions, LLC, California, USA); Caraballo, Vinny (Global Targeting, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, USA)
EdituraTaylor & Francis Inc
Dimensiuni234 x 152 x 13
Data Publicarii16/10/2013
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini203
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