Environment and Economy

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Nothing is more important to our world than finding a more comfortable relationship between the economy and the environment. While issues such as species loss, nitrate pollution, water scarcity and climate change are now attracting the political attention they deserve, their origin in the way our economy is organized is less frequently recognized. This book makes that connection both theoretically - with references to a number of heterodox approaches to economics - and practically through a number of specific issues.

Environment and Economy begins by introducing readers to the pioneers of this field, such as Fritz Schumacher and Paul Ehrlich, who first drew attention to the disastrous consequences for our environment of our ever-expanding economy. Part II outlines the contributions to the field of Neoclassical Economics, Environmental Economics, Ecological Economics, Green Economics and Anti-Capitalist Economics. Part III takes a pluralist approach to using economic tools to solve a range of environmental problems: economic growth, resource depletion, pollution, globalization, climate change and markets vs. commons.

Written in an accessible style, this introductory text offers students an engaging account of the ways that the various traditions of economic thought have approached the environment, bringing them together for the first time in one volume. The text is complemented by boxes, case studies and recommended reading for each theme addressed. It will be of value to students interested in environmental sciences, geography, green issues and economics.