Finding God In The Noise

Autor: Kelly, KC

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Finding God In The Noise teaches you how to kill the outside noise of the world and listen to the voice of God for your life by detailing the 5 Foundations of Life: Faith, Family, Fitness, Fellowship, and Finance you must master to win.

KC Kelly became a millionaire at age thirty by building retail businesses from the ground up. Through this book, he teaches you a systematic way to keep faith as your foundation and God in focus as you develop routines and habits. He reveals the real, raw, and relevant truth about how to enjoy the mountaintop highs and endure the valley lows through daily disciplines.

In this book, with the 5 Foundations of Life and the 7 Pillars of Fortune, you’ll learn:
The importance of a routine grounded in faith How you can’t have real faith if you don’t keep your word The ways in which you must nurture your immediate family How to keep your body and mind healthy How to have and maintain fellowship The importance of mentorship and finding strong relationships Continuous learning and shaping a profit-first mindset Results-driven processes Proven sales systems How to discover and use your God-given talents for success Where and how to network with the right kind of people How to protect yourself—in more ways than one—in business dealings