Food Processing and Preservation, 2 Volume Set

Autor: Warris, D.S.

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The increasing global demand for processed foods has led to a greater prominence of the specific needs and processing challengses within the food industry. Consequently, in recent times the role of the engineer in the food industry has gained considerable importance.

To produce a product which is constituent and desirable to the consumers expectations in terms of appearance, texture and taste all year round from raw materials which may be derived from different sources or suppliers together with seasonal variability, requires a sound understanding of the physical and chemical properties of the food materials being processed and the detailed understanding of the function of various units operations.

In all of this, food safety is paramount. Understanding the nature and sources of contamination is essential, and its control is critical to ensure that the processed foods are safe to eat. The food processing industry is extremely complex, diverse and evolved, and this book will provide readers with everything they need to know to fully understand this complex subject.