Foreign Policy and Security of India

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In the early days of India's independence, the second most populous country in the world with a functioning democracy was kept out of the high tables of international politics by the big powers. The situation began to change with the end of the Cold War, when India registered impressive economic growth. The emergence of India as an increasingly influential power in international politics is a remarkable feature of the contemporary global system. India is spreading its wings to all parts of the world to consolidate its growing position as a pre-eminent power. India's ambition to become a great power depends upon the careful formulation of its foreign policy strategies and perspectives. A systematic and thoughtful shaping of India's foreign policy is essential to realizing the country's ambitions. Issues of cyber security, terrorism, maritime security, and climate change need to be tackled with extra care at all levels. The consolidation of India's position and great power status depends on the pursuance of its foreign policy through the 21st century. This book consists of 12 scholarly papers, authored by experts in the field, which will provide deep insights into various aspects and dimensions of India's foreign policy. [Subject: Public Policy, India Studies, Foreign Policy, Politics, Security Studies]