Forest Through The Trees

Autor: Craw, Jeff

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Descriere RO

So I was thinking, - as I turned 70 and all (Wow! 70?), if I was to die tomorrow, what would I be leaving behind? Let's see, there's my Camaro SS, my Harley Dyna Wide, a few bills, my Garden Tractor, my tools, etc. So maybe, I thought, I should leave behind something a little more substantial, - something that might give an inkling to the nature of all those years that I poured myself into my Parishes (and into my Truck Driving), - all the joys, sacrifices, frustrations, triumphs, failures, laughs, heartaches, tears, commitment, betrayals and love (did I miss anything?). And well, here it is. A written collection of those experiences, thoughts and observations, in print, and available on the internet no less! I guess that takes care of eternity. Now, I sure didn't write all this to bore anyone, so I hope that you will find, tucked within these pages, a few bits and a few episodes that may serve to get a rise out of you, and possibly illuminate some of the gray areas you might have as to what it means to be a human being, and, maybe in particular, a Christian. Hey, swimming as we do through the often swift currents of our culture and its traditions, it's easy to get lost. I know I do! So, here's hoping that these humble efforts of mine might help us both to find our way home.