Fractional Order Analysis

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The book contains new research findings in fractional order analysis. Different tools and techniques from the field of fractional order analysis are found to be extremely helpful in practical applications because such analyses can help in developing mathematical methods or models more accurately. The book covers topics such as: conformable fractional operators, local fractional proportional derivatives, fractional derivative and integral operators, different inequalities via several fractional environments, different type of fractional integral operators, fractional-order chaotic model, flow models in fractional environment, multi-dimensional fractional order models, fractional modelling of the transmission dynamics of Influenza, and Zika virus model with various fractional derivatives. Using this book, readers can find several useful, relevant and connected topics in one place, which is necessary for crucial understanding of research problems of an applied nature.

This book can be a reference for courses in Mathematical Analysis at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Additionally, this book could be used in specialized courses (1/2 weeks to 6 months duration) usually offered by mathematical societies/organizations, in university departments, and in research institutions on fractional calculus, fractional analysis, non-linear analysis, fractional dynamics, and nonlinear dynamics.