Fundamentals of Perovskite Oxides

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Perovskite-Type Oxide Materials: Properties and Potential Applications summarizes the structure, synthesis route, and potential applications of perovskite oxide materials. Since these perovskite-type ceramic materials offer wide opportunities in all fields of science and engineering, the chapters are broadly organized into four sections of perovskite-type oxide materials and technology.

Covers recent developments in perovskite oxides

Serves as a quick reference of perovskite oxides information

Describes novel synthesis routes for nanostructured perovskites

Discusses comprehensive details for various crystal structures, synthesis methods, properties, and applications

Applies to academic education, scientific research, and industrial R&D for materials research in real-world applications like bioengineering, catalysis, energy conversion, energy storage, environmental engineering, data storage and sensing

This book serves as a handy and practical guideline suitable for students, engineers, and researchers working with advanced ceramic materials.