Garden of Evil

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Jim Rook gets the shock of his life when he returns for a new semester to find something more than unpleasant in his classroom

Jim Rook, remedial English teacher and psychic, just knows it's going to be a bad day. First, he's hugely shaken when he nearly runs over someone walking up the college driveway. Sure, he shouldn't have been eating at the wheel, but then who walks right in the middle of the driveway, dressed entirely in black? And what's more, what sort of a person just walks off into the fog after nearly being run over? Then things get worse when sexy Spanish teacher Sheila Colefax turns him down flat: she doesn't date colleagues. Ever.

But it is when he sets down a questionnaire on an empty desk in the classroom, only for a drop of what looks suspiciously like blood to splash on to it, that he realises that his day isn't going to be merely bad: it's going to be the day from hell. Perhaps quite literally . . .