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Gendering the Memory of Work

Autor: Tamboukou, Maria

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This book explores gendered aspects in the memory of work by looking at auto/biographical narratives and political writings of women workers in the garment industry. The author draws on cutting edge theoretical approaches and insights in memory studies, neo-materialism and discourse analysis, particularly looking at entanglements and intra-actions between places, bodies and objects.

Tamboukou aims to enrich our appreciation of the role of women s labour history in the wider realm of cultural memory, as well as in the politics of women s work. The book addresses a significant gap in the literature by focusing on the memory of work from a gendered perspective. It also examines the relationship between workspaces and personal spaces: the intimate, intense and often invisible ways through which workers occupy workspaces and populate them with their ideas, emotions, beliefs, habits and everyday practices.

The book will be a theoretical and methodological toolbox for students and researchers in the interface of the social sciences and the humanities, as well as a vital resource in women s labour history. It will be particularly relevant for sociologists, cultural theorists, feminist scholars and social historians."

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AutorTamboukou, Maria
EdituraTaylor & Francis Ltd
Dimensiuni164 x 242 x 16
Data Publicarii20/06/2016
Numar pagini192
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Recenzati:Gendering the Memory of Work
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