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A philanthropic revolution has arrived and donors, fundraisers, and businesses alike MUST learn about its leaders, work to encourage their enthusiasm while balancing their hubris, and make sure the revolution works out well for the social causes and communities we care about.

Next Gen Donors paints a composite picture of this generation stepping into their anticipated philanthropic roles and reveals a clear view of the road ahead. Readers will learn what will be the likely impact of these historic donors on their lives. Fundraisers and social entrepreneurs will learn how to attract next gen dollars for charitable, political, and religious causes and make next gen donors real partners in the work. Parents, peers, employers, wealth advisors, investment managers, and others will learn emerging best practices for guiding and helping these next gen donors as they make their mark on history.

This revised, second edition will feature updates to some of the cases profiled in the first edition and will include roughly 35% new material in the form of discussion points, action items, and best practices for donors and for fundraisers alike.