Gleissberg Extinction

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The German astronomer, Wolfgang Gleissberg, analysed sunspot activity and discovered a life threatening sun cycle eruption every one hundred years reoccurring regularly over the last three thousand years.

Severe radiation from the sun's Gleissberg Centennial Mass Eruption is due to hit the Earth and planets in year 2045.

Destruction of power supplies and dependant electrical machines is a certain outcome. Satnavs will burn up.

The US president has demanded that man lands on Mars by 2045, despite warnings that the rocket powered mission will be fatal.

Separately, British and French engineers have built nuclear fusion powered spacecraft to cut the Mars rocket journey time from eight months to five days.

British test flights have suffered alien interference originating from the Langrange Points stationery on the Earth's orbit, but a test flight to the Martian orbit was successful.

In 2045 the sun's surface erupts, devastating all electrical power supplies, cables, machines, satellites and all renewable wind and solar generators.

The Earth's crust weakens. Volcanoes explode. Ash covers the Earth. Food, water and transport cease.

The Gleissberg Extinction has begun.