Gunner Wore Petticoats

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Abandoned by her father, orphaned by her mother, left behind with strangers ... One woman puts aside her dresses and her womanly chores and answers the call to arms. In a bid to reunite with her brothers fighting for the Union somewhere down South, this determined young woman disguises her gender and discovers alongside her fellow soldiers a camaraderie and sense of purpose she has never known. Until the day she rescues a wounded Southern soldier, who turns upside down everything she thought she knew about war and loyalty ...

S.J. Schinleber is a full-time teacher and writer living in the Chicago area. Born in England, she is a lover of history, whose work includes, most recently, the story of a suburban Chicago fire department, focusing on the lives and experiences of the men who fight fire and rescue those in need. She is working on a second novel about the Civil War.