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Healthcare Informatics

Autor: Kudyba, Stephan P. (New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, USA)

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Healthcare Informatics: Improving Efficiency through Technology, Analytics, and Management supplies an understanding of the different types of healthcare service providers, corresponding information technologies, analytic methods, and data issues that play a vital role in transforming the healthcare industry. All of these elements are reshaping the various activities such as workflow and processes of hospitals, healthcare systems, ACOs, and patient analytics, including hot spotting, risk stratification, and treatment effectiveness.

A follow-up to Healthcare Informatics: Improving Efficiency and Productivity, this latest book includes new content that examines the evolution of Big Data and how it is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. It presents strategies for achieving national goals for the meaningful use of health information technology and includes sound project management principles and case illustrations for technology roll-out, such as Computer Physician Order Entry (CPOE) for optimal utilization.

The book describes how to enhance process efficiency by linking technologies, data, and analytics with strategic initiatives to achieve success. It explains how to leverage data resources with analytics to enhance decision support for care providers through in-depth descriptions of the array of analytic methods that are used to create actionable information, including Business Intelligence, Six Sigma, Data, and Text Mining.

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AutorKudyba, Stephan P. (New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, USA)
EdituraTaylor & Francis Inc
Dimensiuni243 x 163 x 29
Data Publicarii14/04/2016
Numar pagini397
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