Healthy Forever

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Connie Simmonds, former marketing manager and make-up artist decided to get healthy after years of yo-yo dieting and all sorts of attempts to get "skinny." A shocking visit to the doctors aged just 24 Connie was diagnosed with a severe stomach infection and a fatty liver. This was the wake-up call she needed, and since focusing on her long-term health rather than quick fixes and instant weight loss, she has dropped 2 dress sizes, sustained it, and inspired thousands to do the same. Healthy Forever comes with 60 delicious, well-balanced meals that Connie has personally devised using her nutritional knowledge and complete and utter love and passion for food. You'll find an array of comforting dishes, chocolate recipes, and even recipes for those days that you simply cannot be bothered to cook. Healthy Forever is like no other recipe book, it is refreshingly fun and light-hearted with touching moments of struggle and fight. Connie Simmonds' first cookbook takes you on the most personal and honest journey as she reflects on her past and what brought her here today as a credible advocate for healthy weight loss. Connie wants her readers to understand that they are not alone, the struggle to lose weight is real but it doesn't have to be forever. You can finally get healthy, lose weight, and be happy, just like she did—not just for today but forever!