How to Find Fraud and Corruption

Autor: Iyer, Nigel

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In a corporate environment in which fraud and corruption are as normal as a headache or as common as a cold, everyone across the organization has a role to play in finding and deterring fraudsters. Despite universal acknowledgement that these things may be illegal but prevalent, managers still treat them as 'somone else's problem or something that happens to other businesses, not ours.'

The skills taught in this book are based on over 20 years experience of successfully finding and dealing with fraud and corruption, all over the world. Unlike other books that limit themselves to general advice, Finding Fraud, offers wayfinding techniques for identifying and recognizing common frauds such as: suppliers who charge too much; sharp business partners and consultants who are taking you for a ride; customers who take but prefer not to pay. It also covers less common but more serious frauds: hidden connectuons to dirty money centres (the illegitimate side of tax havens); bribes paid as a shortcut to get business; creative numbers fraud (inflation of sales figures or suppression of costs); conflicts of interest involving individuals inside or outside the business.

Fraud and corruption are too endemic to be managed simply via governance, control systems, auditors or other specialists. Finding Fraud equips everyone from accounts to shared services, from HR to sales support with capabilities and simple techniques to find fraud and act when they find it.