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I Am Free is Patricia Ingle's memoir, the story of an inspirational 28-year-old Limerick woman who at the tender age of 19 contracted a rare airborne brain infection that left her in a locked-in state of complete paralysis and incarcerated in hospital for 1,069 days. Medical experts gave little in the way of hope, gravely concerned about the lack of brain activity showing on Patricia's scans and her inability to breathe unassisted. But Patricia's family refused to accept she would die. For five long months they rallied around her in the Intensive Trauma Unit in Cork University Hospital, speaking to her as though she were awake, playing music in her ears and keeping her up to date on the latest news and events. Eventually her eyelids flickered. Their determined belief was materialised as she showed gradual signs of life and recognition. They couldn't believe it. She was going to pull through. She would come back to them. But their initial euphoria was replaced with fear. Their daughter, despite being intellectually intact, had suffered severe brain damage and would live the rest of her life overcoming the difficulties brought about as a result. I Am Free is a story of a young woman who maintains her wicked sense of humour and smiles through all the pain and frustration life has thrown at her. As Patricia Ingle approaches her 28th birthday, she's excited to release her memoir, I Am Free. Sharing her experiences, she inspires confidence and hope in others as she continues to make progress and amaze experts. The Judge presiding over Patricia's High Court hearing described Patricia as "the most impressive witness ever to come before the court." An expert in the Oxford Centre for Enablement said, "I've seen your scans - you're not supposed to be here!" "Patricia is an uplifting inspiration for everyone she meets and a perfect example of how personal determination and the backing of an amazing family can transform even the most hopeless of outlooks into the brightest of futures." Susie Elliott, Patricia's Solicitor.