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IBM Rational Business Developer with EGL

Autor: Margolis, Ben

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This book introduces IBM Rational Business Developer, a software-development environment that lets you write enterprise applications quickly. The main subject is EGL, the high-level language at the heart of Rational Business Developer.

Use of EGL simplifies software creation, shielding you from the intricate details of technical change so you can focus on business issues. Use of EGL also lets your company retain developers who are knowledgeable in business processes, even if those developers lack the time needed to stay current with technical innovation.

IBM Rational Business Developer with EGL:

* Gives an overview of the runtime technologies supported by EGL, without assuming that you have detailed knowledge of those technologies

* Describes the main constructs of EGL, without assuming that you have extensive knowledge of software development

* Demonstrates how EGL handles widespread requirements, including service creation, database access, and reporting

* Gives you practical experience with Rational Business Developer, including a step-by-step example that explores development of the following kinds of code: a Web application that relies on JavaServer Faces and a service-oriented application that accesses a relational database

* Introduces EGL technology for creating Web 2.0 applications

IBM Rational Business Developer with EGL is useful for:

* Traditional developers who need to access the latest runtime technologies

* Software managers who seek a creative response to the complexity of application development

* Students of information technology

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AutorMargolis, Ben
EdituraMC Press, LLC
Dimensiuni230 x 180 x 18
Data Publicarii15/05/2008
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini200
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