Industrial Hygiene

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Over the past forty years, the Industrial Hygiene profession has significantly grown, and is expected to continue to grow as workplaces evolve in the development, management, and usage of hazardous materials. This growth in the profession is also related to the shift in public knowledge and perception regarding the acceptance of the health risk from activities performed at work and home. As time progresses, workplaces are being regulated to not only minimize the health imparts to the workforce, but also decrease the likelihood of negatively impacting the environment. Society has become more educated on the potential impacts on human health and the environment that hazardous materials, activities, and environments can pose. As such, there has been a noticeable decrease in the acceptance of risk by workers and the public. The accepted standard of performance for Industrial Hygiene has grown beyond compliance, but now also focuses on improving existing processes and practices to create a workplace free from work related injury and illness.


Shows application of risk mitigating techniques for industrial hygienists

Explains the definition of risk and how it applies to health and safety management

Defines the need for quality data management and continuous improvement in assessments

Describes the role of the Industrial Hygienist and risk management when responding to emergencies

Industrial Hygiene: Improving Worker Health through an Operational Risk Approach focuses on the implementation of Industrial Hygiene, using a risk-based approach, in an operational environment. The approaches and methods described in this book are designed to assist the Industrial Hygienist in managing workplace risks, including risks associated with anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and hazard control processes.ŃÇÇ