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On the eve of Lucy Godstow's wedding with Guy Weaver, her best friend, Vanessa, commits suicide. The death of Vanessa was a big enough blow, but over a month later, Vanessa's elderly aunt Joan is found brutally murdered. Lucy and Vanessa's brother Tom have different reasons for thinking all is not as it seems, but new husband Guy is intolerably jealous of Lucy's ongoing and innocent meetings of consolation and curiosity with Tom, which have to be arranged in clandestine fashion. And then there are many things about Guy of which his new bride is unaware - including the fact that he had been threatening Vanessa in order to keep dreadful secrets from Lucy. As Guy's rages and mental and physical brutality increase, the police become increasingly suspicious and follow Guy and Lucy to their home in Spain. But are they too late to save another death, and can Tom, who worships the ground Lucy walks upon, come riding to the rescue like a valiant knight of old? And how often are there deep feelings for a best friend who had never been a lover? It seems that love becomes dangerous and marriage to a tall, handsome and wealthy man is not always one of bliss and happiness...