Inflagrante and Delicta - The Common Period

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Plunge into a crazy world where people (homos) carry a basket of physical, emotional and psychological quirks and dysfunctions. There are some inbreds, conjoined twins, a sex-and-love addicted transgender, a terrifying red-clawed hunk, a demented stalker, a troubled politician and a lascivious charity worker. And that’s just for starters. The story is based in a South London house owned by two gay men (homo-homos), home to some of this motley crew. The two homo-homos seek to create a place where transformation or wholeness can be achieved for each member of the household in spite of their freakish singularities.

Two anthropomorphic dogs, one dyslexic and the other averse to all things sexual, rescued from a dire Essex family, tell the story. They discover what makes life really tick through intimate probing and questioning – particularly in relation to their own body parts, as well as to homo bodily functions. This is a story of honesty, of hope, of love and laughter in the midst of an absurd world, where dysfunction threatens to reign supreme.