Italian And Roman Feasts

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This Cookery book is a modern interpretation of Ancient Roman repasts, a fusion of Roman and Italian cuisine transported from the Roman culina into today’s Italian kitchen; but maintaining the history and integrity of the original classical recipes. They are inspired by the gastronome and bon viveur Marcus Apicius, who lived, cooked and entertained during the reign of Emperor Tiberius in Imperial Rome some 2,000 years ago. He was, by all accounts, the Antonio Carluccio of his time. Over 450 of his recipes were recovered and translated in the aftermath of the decline of the Roman Empire, circa 350 AD, and these form the foundation of this book, brought up to date into the Italian kitchen.
The dishes are simple, imaginative and colourful – Italian modern-day food with a classical twist.
A cornucopia of piscean platters, chicken and duck, veal, venison, pork and beef, the menus are accompanied with double sauces and explosions of fresh herbs and spices and a wide range of recipes prepared with the best of Italian vegetables, pulses, salads and sun-blessed fruit.
Each recipe is heralded with an English, Italian and Latin title.